Systems & Technology

ISC specialises in the design of IT systems for markets, the preparation of functional specifications and requests for proposals, and the evaluation of existing packages for exchanges, clearing houses and central depositories. Often we take a project management and quality assurance role.

ISC has in-depth experience of the trading systems being used in a number of exchanges throughout the world.

Clearing Settlement and Payment
ISC has in-depth experience of the clearing and settlement systems being used throughout the world, including:

ISC prepares function specifications for surveillance systems, either as a separately acquired system or as a module of the trading system, helps clients select and customise the appropriate system and assists in implementation.

ISC also trains staff in the practical application and interpretation of alerts made by the systems and in procedures for following up and prosecuting trading misconduct (according to the prevailing law).

ISC’s projects often involve setting out standards and procedures for exchanges and securities regulators.

ISC has also defined systems for insurance and pensions supervision, both on and offsite.
  • Design of trading, clearing and settlement, access points, FIX gateways, market data dissemination, surveillance, risk management, depository, registration, companies disclosure, MIS, etc.
  • Produce functional and non-functional requirements for systems.
  • Recommend system options to achieve the future state in alignment with strategy.
  • Produce implementation plans along with associated cost estimates to realize the plan.
  • Produce RFI or RFP along with evaluation criteria to evaluate responses from vendors.

  • Put tender out to potential vendors and provide any clarifications on the RFI or RFP.
  • Evaluate offers from vendors and make recommendation on ranking of bidders.
  • Assist in contract negotiations.
  • Quality control by monitoring or supervising development and implementation by vendor.
  • Quality assurance on outputs from vendor like documentation and training.
  • Supervise or conduct user acceptance testing prior to handover of systems.
  • Supervise or manage participant readiness, migration and go-live operation.